Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to VICCOR INDUSTRY and all of its subsidiaries.

The terms and conditions of sale apply to the entire offer and all deliveries made by Viccor Industry to its customers, except for changes that have been mutually agreed in writing. In the event that the terms of customer purchase are inconsistent with these terms, the following rules apply. All agreements and representations made by Viccor Industry representatives or consultants, regardless of whether they are contrary to these terms and conditions, are valid if they are agreed in writing.

Viccor Industry is not responsible for any delay in delivery. The agreed delivery time will be met as much as possible, however Viccor Industry will not be responsible for the delay or failure to deliver on time. Delivered later than previously agreed, the delivery does not cancel the customer’s obligations. Unless the customer has revoked the order in writing.

Any complaints or returns must be made within 8 days of delivery. All claims do not cause the customer to be released from the obligation to pay in the period specified in the terms of sale. In the event of a justified return of goods or complaints, Viccor Industry undertakes to collect the goods, with prior notification of the customer, replacement of the product with a similar product or refund of the amount not exceeding the amount appearing on the invoice, without the obligation to pay other damages. Goods can be returned only with the express permission of Viccor Industry.

Viccor Industry reserves the right not to send the entire item until all the conditions of purchase have been met by the customer. In the event of late payment, any delivered goods may be subject to a claim by Viccor Industry without prior request and / or notification.

In the event that the factor on the basis of which the purchase price is determined, causing it to increase, Viccor Industry has the right to increase the previously agreed price. All responsibility for the goods, after leaving Viccor Industry, is borne by the customer.

If Viccor Industry has not made alternative payment terms with the customer, payment must be settled within 30 days from the invoice date. After this date, Viccor Industry has the right to charge 2% interest, monthly, from the date of invoice of the overdue amount. Until the customer settles the payment, Viccor Industry will not be obliged to deliver further deliveries.

All parties in any contacts with Viccor Industry will comply with their obligations regarding all applicable data protection laws. All parties with respect to any such personal data provided to them by another party agree to:

(a) acting only on the instructions of another party regarding the processing of such personal data and ensuring that appropriate technical and organizational measures are taken in the event of unauthorized or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss, destruction or damage personal data; and

b) comply with all reasonable requests made by the other party to ensure compliance with these measures. For more information on data processing, please refer to the Viccor Industry Privacy Policy at www.viccor-industry.com or the Viccor Industry Data Protection Policy.

In the event that goods are purchased by Viccor Industry, the seller undertakes to protect Viccor Industry with respect to all costs, proceedings and claims arising from the supplier’s failure to meet the terms of the Viccor Industry contract or arising due to any alleged defect of the good or any the allegation that the goods were unsuitable for the purpose for which they were sold or otherwise created as a result of the sale of Viccor Industry goods or otherwise created as a result of the sale of Viccor Industry goods or their subsequent sale to third parties, including all costs or expenses (also management or administrative time required to spend in this area by Viccor Industry personnel or management) incurred by Viccor Industry in defense of the proceedings and enabling Viccor Industry to provide all the assistance required by Viccor Industry or its legal advisers to defend such behavior. Alternatively, the seller, at the request of Viccor Industry and at Viccor Industry’s sole discretion, takes over the defense of the proceeding on behalf of Viccor Industry, providing Viccor Industry with a satisfaction guarantee, along with the security Viccor Industry deems reasonable – covering any likely commitments that Viccor Industry may incur Industry as a result of such conduct.

In the event of a dispute between Viccor Industry and the client, jurisdiction will be the Courts in Poland, and the above Agreement will be subject to and will be interpreted in accordance with Polish law.